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Skillz Games - What Are They? (Ultimate Guide)

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In this guide: Skillz Games | What Is Skillz? | Depositing | Account Basics | Match Codes | Playing For Cash | Playing For Practice | How To Earn Free Skillz Cash | Leagues | Skillz Loyalty Program | Weekly Tournaments | Withdrawing

Skillz Games

What Are Skillz Games?

Skillz games are mobile (iOS and Android) games that have been created by independent game developers and become eSports-enabled through the integration of the Skillz eSports platform. This platform allows users to compete against each other for free or for cash prizes, all on their mobile device.


Skillz Games Include:

What Is Skillz?

The Concept

Skillz’ motto is “eSports For Everyone”.

The aim of their company is to provide the ability for literally anyone to win money by playing eSports games on their mobile phone, consequently disrupting the current state of the eSports industry, wherein only the elite gets to play in front of massive crowds for massive prizes.

With Skillz, you could be sitting in the comfort of a familiar space in your own home (like your bedroom, dining room, or even your bathroom), and simultaneously be competing in a three-day mobile eSports tournament to win a top prize of $25,000 cash.


Skillz was founded officially in 2012 by Andrew Paradise and Casey Chafkin.

Previously, it was launched incognito under the name “Lookout Gaming”, before then assuming the official name of “Skillz”. Skillz initially launched with 10 games, but that number has since grown to over 125 (click here to view them all).

Skillz hosts more than 2 million player tournaments on the platform every day and has given away over $690,000,000 in prizes to its users since inception.

The company has tens of millions of dollars in venture funding from notable sources like the owners of the New England Patriots, Milwaukee Bucks, New York Mets and Sacramento Kings (Source: Skillz).


How To Use The Skillz Promo Code ($10 Bonus)

Additional Deposits

If you’ve already made your first deposit with Skillz and are ready to make your next deposit, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when doing so.

The first is to make use of Bonus Cash offers whenever possible. Skillz routinely offers deposit match bonuses, wherein they will match your deposit with the same amount in Bonus Cash (e.g. $5 + $5 Bonus, $50 + $50 Bonus, etc…).

Take advantage of these offers whenever possible, as the best value offer normally available on the store tab is only a 50% bonus on a $100 deposit ($100 + $50 Bonus Cash).

The second thing to keep in mind when making additional deposits is that deposits are instant but withdrawals take a lot longer to process.

This is because Skillz has employed a dedicated fraud and risk department, whose sole purpose is to review replays and make sure players haven’t been cheating before withdrawals are processed. With this in mind, you should only deposit money that you can afford to not have later.

Even though Skillz has been getting a lot better at processing withdrawals quicker, there are still times throughout the year where the sheer volume of withdrawals overwhelms them, and payouts end up being delayed.

All withdrawals will be processed eventually, but it may take longer than expected in some instances, so don’t deposit money you might need to rely on later.

For more info on depositing, click here.

Account Basics

Profile Picture

One of the many customizable options on your account is your profile picture. Your current profile picture is displayed in the top left of any Skillz-enabled game, right beside your username.

To change your profile picture, click the three white bars at the top right, then click Profile. From there, click your profile picture again in the top left.

You will now be able to change your profile photo by selecting a new photo from your phone’s photo library. Every profile photo across the Skillz platform is unique to the player it represents… be creative with yours!



Another customizable option on your account is your username. Your username is shown in the top left beside your profile picture.

To change it, click the three white bars at the top right, then click Profile. From there, click on your username at the top and you will be able to edit your username.

You can change your username once for free. The second change costs 3,000 Ticketz and the third change costs 250,000 Ticketz (purchased as a Ticketz prize). Be absolutely certain of your username choice, because after three changes you won’t be able to change it anymore and will be stuck with it.


A shout-out is the blue text box that appears under your username and score when you win a cash or practice tournament. Shout-outs aren’t preselected by Skillz for you, so if you haven’t set your shout-out yet then it will just show as “I haven’t chosen a shout-out yet!”.

To select a shout-out, click the white bars at the top right, then click profile. From there, just click the blue box underneath your profile picture. You will be taken to a screen that shows all 41 shout-outs available for purchase with Z’s. Prices range from 25Z to 1,000,000Z.

To purchase the shout-out, just click on it. After you’ve purchased some shout-outs, just click on the one you like most to enable it.



Trophies are an exciting component of the Skillz platform because they allow you to mark your achievements from playing Skillz games, as well as earn a little bit of extra Bonus Cash, Ticketz and Z's from the rewards they offer.

When you complete the criteria required for earning a trophy (win 25 practice matches, win 100 pro matches, etc…), an alert will pop up in the top of your screen notifying you of your achievement and clicking on it will take you to claim your reward.

If you don’t click on the alert, a red ‘1’ will appear in the top right corner of the main Skillz screen (beside the white bars). To claim the reward, just follow the red ‘1’ until you get to the Achievements tab, then click on the prize icon beside the achievement you've unlocked.

The prize (Bonus Cash, Z’s or Ticketz) will be automatically added to your account after you've clicked it.


Wins/Win Streak

The ‘Wins/Win Streak’ stats and graph on your profile are nice indicators of how well you’ve been playing on a particular game. To see these stats, just click the three white bars at the top right and then click Profile. Scroll to the bottom to see all of your stats.

It is also useful for bracketed tournaments to see how you’ve fared against your opponent in previous matches. Just click on your opponent’s profile and scroll to the bottom to see the graph labelled “(Player Name) vs Everyone”.

On the right side, click the button that says “vs You”. The graph will now visualize the outcomes of past meetups between you and your opponent.

Match Codes

What Are Match Codes?

Match codes are codes that can be used to enter into user-created events for cash prizes.

Most codes will have $0.50 in prizes and can be used as practice as well as a way to slowly earn a little extra cash. For higher value match codes, check out the Skillz Match Codes Central and find codes with prizes pools of up to $38.

Where To Find Match Codes

There are a couple different places where match codes can be found.

The first of which is on Skillz chatrooms. Skillz games like Cube Cube, Diamond Strike and 21 Blitz have chatrooms enabled, which means users are able to chat with each other on a centralized group chat. Skillz users will frequently post match codes that they’ve created for a specific game on one of these chatrooms so that other players are able to join and compete in them.

Match codes are most frequently posted on the Cube Cube chatroom, however other common chatrooms for match codes include Dominoes Gold and Diamond Strike. Keep in mind, almost all of the match codes posted on the chatrooms will only have prize pools of $0.50.

The $0.50 match codes are good for practice, but if you are looking for match codes with much more significant prize pools, I would encourage you to check out the second place where match codes can be found: The Skillz Match Codes Central. On it, you can find the “Big Time Skillz for Big Time Thrillz” match code competition (which releases a new $3 code every day), as well as the current monthly match codes ($38 prize pools). Check out the Skillz Match Codes Central.

How To Enter Match Codes


Match IDs vs Match Codes

Match IDs are commonly confused with match codes among new players, but there is actually a significant difference between the two that should be noted.

A Match ID is simply the unique number used to identify a tournament played on the Skillz platform. It is shown at the bottom of the results screen after playing a match and can be used when contacting support for help with crashed or aborted games.

While referring to a specific tournament, the Match ID actually can’t be entered as a match code. The matching system is run by Skillz’ proprietary algorithm and does not allow users to directly play against each other. Giving someone the Match ID of a pending game will not allow them to play against you.

Match codes, on the other hand, are codes created by players for other users to enter and compete for cash. These codes CAN be entered in the ‘Enter Match Code’ section on the Play tab, and contrary to Match IDs DO allow you to play against specific people if you share the match code with them.

Playing For Cash

Bracketed Tournaments

Bracketed tournaments allow users to win significantly large cash prizes with relatively small entry fees. They range in total player amounts, from 4 players all the way up to 128 players competing for the top prize.

When you first enter a bracketed tournament, you will be matched against another player starting out in the tournament as well. If you win, you move on to the next round. Continue advancing through the rounds and you will eventually reach the finals and subsequently have a chance at the biggest prize available in the tournament.

If you lose at any point during the tournament, the bracketed tournament you entered will become available to enter again on the Play tab. If there is still spots left in the tournament you were eliminated from, the Skillz system will enter you back into the same tournament. If there are no spots left, then you will be put into a new tournament.


Head-To-Head Tournaments

Another way to play for cash on the Skillz platform is with head-to-head tournaments. Games can range from a $0.60 entry fee, to a $175 entry fee.

For these games, Skillz uses an algorithm to put you in something called a “Skill Band”. Skill Bands ensure that players are playing against other players of a similar skill level so that they don’t get destroyed by longtime pros in their first couple of games.

When you start a game, Skillz will match you with another player in your Skill Band. If no one from your Skill Band is playing a head-to-head match with the same entry fee that you are playing, your match will become a host match and after you’ve submitted your score, Skillz will actively wait for another player in your Skill Band to enter into a head-to-head match with the same entry fee.

When that happens, Skillz will match that person with your game, and after they submit their score a winner will be determined based on whose score is better. The winner will take home both theirs and their opponent’s entry fees, minus the cut that Skillz takes (approx. 16.67%).

In order to ensure fairness, Skillz uses a Random Number Generator that is the same for both players. Combined with multiple deterrents against hacking or cheating the game, Skillz ensures both players have an equal chance to win.


VS Friends Challenges

VS Friends challenges are a great way to play against your friends and see who has the better skills.

With VS Friends challenges, you can challenge any user with a Skillz account. The prize is nominal (only $0.01 for the winner), but the bragging rights that come with winning should make up for it.

To challenge a friend, simply go to any Skillz game that has VS Friends Challenges enabled (Diamond Strike, Solitaire Tour, Spider Solitaire Cube) and click the play tab. Scroll down a little until you see the “VS Friends” tab and click “Challenge a Friend”. You will then be able to choose a Skillz user from your “Friends List” to challenge.

After you challenge them, your friend will have 7 days to complete their turn in the challenge. If they don’t complete it in time, the match will be cancelled. After challenging a user, you will have to wait 6 hours before you can challenge again.

Playing For Practice

What Are Z's?

On the Skillz platform, Z’s are a free currency used for entering into practice matches.

To view your Z balance, just go to the home tab on your favourite Skillz app. Once there, you will see 3 different numbers at the top of your screen (underneath your profile picture and username). The middle number indicates your Z balance.

Unlike your cash balance, your Z balance does not get shared across all Skillz apps and is unique to each game. As an example, this means that if you win 100Z in a tournament in Solitaire Cube, your 100Z winnings will only be added to your Z balance in Solitaire Cube and will not affect your Z balance in any of the other Skillz games that you are logged in to.

How To Earn Them

There are a couple of different ways to earn Z’s. The first way is by claiming your free gift in the store tab. To do this, just go to the Store tab and click the “Claim Your Free Gift!” button under the “Earn More Z” label. Your Z balance will be credited with 5Z.

The timer will reset for 2 hours, after which you can repeat the process and claim the 5Z again.

The second way to earn Z is by watching an ad. To do this, go to the Store tab (same tab as when you claimed the free gift) and click “Watch An Ad”. You will then be shown a 15-30 second ad, after which 1Z will be added to your Z balance.

This process can be repeated unlimited times until Skillz no longer has any more ads to show you.

The third way to earn Z’s is by playing practice matches and tournaments. Just go to the play tab and scroll down until you see the match options labelled “Practice”. Practice matches work just the same as cash matches, with the only difference being that the entry fees and prizes use the Z currency instead of cash.

The fourth and final way to earn Z’s is by unlocking achievements. Some achievements will have Z prizes as a reward for completing a particular achievement (win 3 cash games, have 10 pending games, etc…). A red ‘1’ will appear in the top right corner of your screen when an achievement has been completed, just click and follow it to claim your prize.

What Can They Be Used For?

There are two uses for Z’s. The first is for use in entering matches in the practice league. Practice matches are found on the Play tab, just underneath the cash games.

Keep in mind that while good as a warm-up before playing cash matches, or to enhance your skills for free, the practice league doesn’t actually have any real-world prizes for the leaderboard. The only reward you get for playing practice matches is Ticketz, though that reward is minuscule at only 1 Ticketz earned per game played.

The second use for Z’s is to purchase shout-outs from the store. Shout-outs can only be purchased with Z’s, and are shown under your username to your opponent when they view the result of a game against you.

To purchase a shout-out, click the three white lines in the top right of your screen, then click profile. Your current shout-out will show in the blue box underneath your username and profile picture. To purchase a new one, just click it, and all of the shout-outs available for purchase will be shown to you.

How To Earn Free Skillz Cash

Match Codes

An easy way to earn free Skillz cash is by competing in match code tournaments.

One of the more popular ones is the “Big Time Skillz for Big Time Thrillz" match code competition. For a mere $2 entry fee, you will get access to a month’s worth of $3 match codes.

A new code is posted for a new game every day and all codes end at the end of the month, so everyone has an equal chance to enter and win.

Not ready to deposit yet? That $2 entry fee can be easily earned by winning 25 practice matches on any of the over 100 games listed on the Skillz Games List, essentially making the match code competition free entry!

Another popular type of match code is the monthly match codes available here. The monthly match codes each have a total prize pool of $38, and you get 3 free entries to get your highest score possible. After you’ve exhausted your 3 free entries, additional entries will cost $0.50 each, which is a pretty good value considering the top prize is $15.00 (30x the entry fee).

On top of all that, there are also match codes posted in the various Skillz chatrooms. These match codes are only worth $0.50 and are limited to a select number of Skillz games (for a better range and bigger prizes, click here).

Match codes can be found in the chatrooms of the following Skillz apps: Cube Cube, Diamond Strike, Bubble Cube, Dominoes Gold, Gin Rummy Gold, Spider Solitaire Cube, Solitaire Tour and Strike eSports Bowling.

Games List

Another easy way to earn free Skillz cash is by using the Skillz games list. When you win your first 25 practice matches on any Skillz game, Skillz rewards you with $2 in Bonus Cash for free.

Using the Skillz games list, you can download over 125 Skillz-enabled games. Do the math, and that’s over $250 in free Skillz cash. Click here to view the list and for instructions on how to earn the $2 Bonus Cash.

Bonus Cash With Deposit

Though this method requires a deposit, it's free Skillz cash that you wouldn’t have gotten had you deposited without using this method.

If you are making your first deposit, be sure to enter the promo code ‘82T6R’ before you deposit. This code will give you an extra $10 bonus on top of whatever bonus Skillz also gives.

If you don’t enter the code then you won’t get the bonus and it's free to use, so there is literally no reason why you shouldn’t use it.


How To Earn Medals

Medals count towards your ranking in the Pro League and can be earned by winning cash tournaments. This includes head-to-head tournaments, bracketed tournaments and unlimited-entry prize pool tournaments.

Medals earned in a certain game only count towards that game’s Pro League, and will not affect your ranking in the Pro Leagues of other games. Your medal count does not decrease at all throughout the duration of a league, it only increases, so you can be sure if you’ve earned medals that they will stay in your medal tally and won’t be deducted for any reason.

3-Day Leagues

The standard league configuration for Skillz games is the 3-day league format. With 3-day leagues, users have 3 days to compete for the top prize in the leaderboard.

Prize pools for the leaderboard are determined by the number of cash games played in the 3 days previous (more cash games played = higher prize pool). First place will usually be awarded approximately 1/10th of the prize pool, with prizes decreasing proportionately for players further down the leaderboard.

3-Day Leagues can also have their prize pools increased by Skillz to a higher amount than usual, in what is known as a “Boosted Pro League”. When this happens, all users of the particular game whose Pro League has been boosted will receive a notification from the app, and the prize pool for the leaderboard will be updated to reflect the new amount on the leaderboard page in the app.

After the league ends, the prize money will be automatically added to your account according to where you placed, and the prize pool and your medal count will all reset. Pro Leagues across different apps are staggered to end at different times, so be sure to check the top right corner of whatever Pro League you’re competing in to see how long until that particular league will end.


Extended Special Leagues

Extended Special Leagues are special Pro Leagues run by Skillz wherein a particular game will have its prize pool increased to an amount extremely higher than its past average Pro League prize pools.

A great example of this would be the $250,000 Pro League that Skillz hosted for Solitaire Cube a couple months ago.

Due to the increased prize pool, the tournament duration is also extended to between 7 and 10 days, to allow for more players the opportunity to enter and compete for the massive cash prizes.

Skillz also sets milestones for the Extended Special Leagues. These milestones are generally the same for each Special League and include: 10,000 Ticketz after earning 100 medals; $5 Bonus Cash after earning 250 medals; A limited-edition challenge coin mailed to you after earning 500 medals. The challenge coin is specific to the app that hosted the Special League and is one of a kind.


Skillz Loyalty Program

Earning Ticketz

Ticketz is the currency that Skillz uses for it’s Loyalty Program. You can earn Ticketz using quite a few different methods.

The first method is by winning cash tournaments. On the Play tab, each tournament available to enter will have the corresponding Ticketz reward shown in red underneath it. You earn the Ticketz amount regardless of whether you win or lose the match.

The Ticketz amount you earn is multiplied by your Ticketz tier and your Ticketz tier is determined by the amount of Ticketz you’ve earned for the month. For example, if you earn 800,000 Ticketz in a month, you will qualify for the Black (VIP) tier for that month, which gives you a 6x Ticketz multiplier. You will also get to keep the Black tier for the following month, even if you don’t earn the required amount of Ticketz in that month, however should you not earn the required amount of Ticketz to maintain Black tier in that month, then the next month your Ticketz tier will be adjusted according to however many Ticketz you earned in that month previous.

Ticketz multiplier tiers range from 1x to 6x, and Ticketz amounts required to join range from 250 Ticketz to 800,000 Ticketz (corresponding to the tier). The Ticketz are not subtracted from your account when you qualify for a tier, the amounts of Ticketz required are merely used as a metric to gauge which Ticketz tier you belong to. No Ticketz will ever be taken out of your account unless you redeem them for a prize.

The second way to earn Ticketz is from playing practice matches. All practice matches reward Ticketz at a rate of 1 Ticketz per match played (multiplied by your Ticketz tier, of course) regardless of whether you win or lose.

The third way to earn Ticketz is by completing achievements. Some achievements offer Ticketz as rewards when you complete certain criteria (achieve level 5, achieve level 10, etc…). There is no official list yet of the rewards offered by achievements, so the only way to know what they reward is to unlock them yourself.

The fourth way to earn Ticketz is by playing in weekend prize tournaments. These tournaments are only available on weekends and in select games, so be sure to check your email on Saturday/Sunday for the weekly email that Skillz sends detailing which games will have the weekend prize tournaments. The top prizes for these tournaments are usually big-ticket items (like an iPad, iPhone, TV, Gucci Handbag, etc...), however the consolation prizes for users in the lower rankings are usually in the form of Ticketz, from 200,000 Ticketz down to 5,000 Ticketz (Check the tournament prize list in the app to see where you have to rank to earn a Ticketz prize or any other prize for that matter).

Spending Ticketz

Spending Ticketz is extremely simple, as there is really only one way to use them. On the main Skillz screen in any Skillz-enabled app, simply click on your Ticketz balance located in the top left (under your profile picture and username) to be taken to the prize page. On this page, you can see all of the prizes available for redemption, ranging from $5 Bonus Cash at the low end, to a Carribean Cruise, Rolex Submariner Date and even a Porsche Boxster at the high end.

To claim a prize, simply click the “Redeem” button located under the picture, and then click “Confirm” on the alert box that pops up. You will be sent an email confirming your prize redemption, and if need be Skillz will contact you for delivery and address details.


Weekly Tournaments

Weekday Cash Tournaments

Weekday cash tournaments are hosted throughout many of the different Skillz apps that are cash-enabled.

Cash tournaments will usually have a small entry fee for a larger final prize (e.g. $2 entry fee for $15 top prize) and will award prizes to approximately, the top 40 users.

The tournaments typically last for between 12 and 24 hours and vary in prize pools amounts based on the app the tournament is hosted on.

At the conclusion of the tournament - if you’ve placed high enough on the leaderboard to earn a cash prize - your winnings are immediately added to your account.

Weekend Prize Tournaments

Weekend prize tournaments are hosted on only the most popular Skillz games and feature higher entry fees for massive top prizes. Big ticket prizes in the past have included a flatscreen TV, Apple Watch, iPhone 256GB, Nintendo Switch, Gucci Handbag and much more!

Depending on your skill band, different tournaments with different prizes will be available to you, so it may be the case that on Cube Cube your top prize is an iPad Pro, while your friend’s top prize in Cube Cube is a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, this just means you are on different skill bands from each other.

Entry fees will depend on the value of the top prizes and commonly range from between $1 to $9 per entry.

The Weekend Prize Tournaments will conclude 24 hours after starting, so be sure to check your inbox for an email from Skillz detailing which games have prize tournaments, and go out there and win those big-ticket prizes before they are gone!


How To Withdraw

Profited on the Skillz platform? Congratulations! Now it is time to withdraw your hard-earned cash.

To do so, simply click the three white bars in the top right of any Skillz app, then click the Account button. From there, click Withdraw to be taken to the Withdrawal page. On this screen, you can choose the amount you would like to withdraw, whether a little or the entire balance, it’s up to you.

Please note, however, that if you withdraw less than $10 you will be charged a $1.50 processing fee. An easy fix for that, deposit $10 into your account before you withdraw, that way when you withdraw your balance will be over $10 so you won’t be charged the $1.50 processing fee.

Another thing to note is that all Bonus Cash is forfeited when you withdraw, so be aware of that before you choose to withdraw, as Bonus Cash could make your $10 balance look like $100, even if only $10 is really withdrawable.

On the Withdraw screen, it will detail how much of your balance is eligible for withdrawal, and how much is Bonus Cash. Even if you’re not withdrawing, it’s a good idea to check this screen once in a while to see how much Bonus Cash vs real cash is in your account.

Depositing After Withdrawing

After you’ve withdrawn cash from your Skillz account, you will not be able to deposit again until you receive an email from Skillz informing you that your withdrawal has been processed. Once that happens, you will once again be able to deposit.

If you decide you don’t want to wait for your withdrawal to be processed and want to start playing cash games again, you may deposit to your Skillz account, however, that will cancel your pending withdrawal and add it back into your Skillz account, meaning you will have to re-request your withdrawal using the Withdrawal tab.

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