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(Skillz) Solitaire Cube - Promo Code and How To Play

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In this guide: What Is Dominoes Gold? | How To Play | Promo Code

What Is Dominoes Gold?

Dominoes Gold is a strategy-based competitive dominoes game created by Grey Square Games and available for download on both Android and iOS devices. It features the Skillz eSports platform, which allows users to compete against each other for Zs (free currency), as well as cash and real-world prizes.

How Do I Play Dominoes Gold?

Move dominoes from your hand to the board by dragging the dominoes and matching them in a valid combination with others on the board (5 dot domino to 5 dot domino, 3 dot domino to 3 dot domino, etc...). If after you place a domino, the endings of all the branches on the board add up to a multiple of 5, that many points will be added to your score. If there are no possible moves with the dominoes you have in your hand, you can continue to draw from the bone pile until you get a domino that allows you to make a valid move on the board. The winner of the game is decided by whoever gets 100 points first.

How Do I Apply The Dominoes Gold Promo Code?

The Dominoes Gold promo code allows you to get an additional $10 in Bonus Cash on your first deposit. To apply the code, first open Dominoes Gold and click the 'Store' icon at the bottom of the screen (third from the left). From there, click the button labelled 'Enter Promo Code' and in the text box, enter the Skillz promo code 82T6R. After you've entered 82T6R, click 'Done' and the promo code will be applied. All you have to do from there is choose your deposit amount, and you will be taken to the secure checkout page to complete your deposit to Dominoes Gold on the Skillz platform and start competing for cash prizes.



Go to the store tab in Dominoes Gold.



Click ‘Enter Promo Code’ and enter code ‘82T6R’, then click 'Done'.



Click the green button labelled ‘$30 + $30 Bonus’.



Choose either ‘Credit Card’ or ‘PayPal’ and enter in your payment details, then click Submit.



As soon as your payment goes through, your account balance will be updated immediately.



That’s it! You've now got an extra $10 to enter cash games. Good luck!

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