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Big Time Skillz for Big Time Thrillz

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How To Play:

  • 1. Download “Solitaire Cube” from the Recommended Starter Games list, available here.
  • download_solitaire_cube_from_site
  • 2. “Big Time Skillz for Big Time Thrillz” requires only a $2 entry fee for a month’s worth of fun and games, so go ahead and deposit just $10 using the Skillz Promo Code. The promo code will give you an additional $10 bonus, so you'll have more than enough to enter the tournament with (Not yet ready to deposit? Check out the green box further down the page).
  • deposit_just_10_dollars
  • 3. Once deposited, scroll to the bottom of the 'Play' tab and click 'Enter Match Code', then enter the code 'WMWSG'. The tournament entry fee is $2, and you only need to enter once to gain access to a whole month’s worth of match codes.
  • click_the_enter_match_code_button
  • 4. After completing your Solitaire Cube entry, click the 'Spectate' button to be brought back to this page with all of the currently valid match codes now revealed. (Note: Because entering the tournament automatically gives you access to the match codes, there are NO REFUNDS)
  • click_spectate_button
  • 5. Every day, a new $3 match code will be revealed on this page. Each tournament can be entered a maximum of 30 times for free and unlimited times after that by watching a video ad. Every tournament will end at the same time at the end of the month.
  • play_for_free_or_watch_a_video_ad
  • Note: Please keep cookies for this site enabled. If you clear the cookies for this site, you will have to click through the “Spectate” button for the match codes to show again.

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Match Codes

October 1, 2019

Match code #1/31. Enter the code in Solitaire Cube and enter into the tournament ($2 entry fee) to begin your journey and use your Big Time Skillz for Big Time Thrillz!




Enter the Solitaire Cube tournament above and click 'Spectate' to view the rest of the match codes! What are you waiting for?

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