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The Ultimate Guide To Depositing On The Skillz Platform

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In this guide: First Deposit | Additional Deposits | Bankroll Management

First Deposit

If you are depositing to the Skillz platform for the first time, follow the steps below to make sure you get the most out of your first deposit.

While it is recommended that you deposit $30 to get the full $40 extra bonus, it is obviously not required and a $10 deposit is sufficient to allow you to get aquainted to the Skillz platform.

HOWEVER, no matter the amount you choose to deposit, make sure you use the promo code 82T6R. It works for whichever deposit amount you choose for your first deposit, and gives you a free $10 extra Bonus Cash. See below to learn how:



Go to the store tab in your favourite Skillz game.



Click ‘Enter Promo Code’ and enter code ‘82T6R’, then click Done.



Click the green button labelled ‘$30 + $30 Bonus’.



Choose either ‘Credit Card’ or ‘PayPal’ and enter in your payment details, then click Submit.



As soon as your payment goes through, your account balance will be updated immediately.



That’s it! Go ahead and enter cash games to climb the leaderboard. Good luck!

Additional Deposits

If you have already deposited to the Skillz platform and are looking to make another deposit, the promo code shown above will not work - it only works on your first deposit.

With additional deposits, there are a couple tricks to gain the maximum value when depositing.

The main trick that can be used to get the maximum value from your additional deposits would be to take advantage of the ‘$100 + $50 Bonus’ option available in the store.

Taking advantage of this allows you to get an extra $50 in Bonus Cash with your deposit of $100, for a total value of $150. The Bonus Cash can be used to compete in cash matches, and many users make use of this option in the store to make consecutive deposits, one after another, to stack up their balance before playing large amounts of $100 and $300 head-to-head cash matches.

While certainly not for everyone, this option is the best value percentage-wise, compared to the other deposit options (50% Bonus > 20% Bonus > 15% Bonus > 0% Bonus).

Another trick that can be used to get the maximum value from your additional deposits is to take advantage of the holiday bonuses that Skillz offers.

They occasionally offer 100% deposit matching bonus deals, which last for between 24 and 72 hours at a time. The holiday bonuses are set amounts like ‘$5 + $5 Bonus’, ‘$10 + $10 Bonus’ and ‘$50 + $50 Bonus’.

To claim them, just check the store tab and if any holiday bonuses are currently running, they will appear in green above the regular deposit options.

To conclude, depositing using the ‘$100 + $50 Bonus’ option and holiday bonus options available in the store are the two best tricks to use for getting maximum value on your additional deposits.

One thing to keep in mind is that Bonus Cash is not withdrawable, so while you can enter cash matches with it, only the money you win from those matches can be withdrawn (maximum of 10% of your entry fee can be funded by Bonus Cash, the rest is real cash with the exception being you don‘t have enough real cash to cover 90% of the entry fee, then Bonus Cash will cover the remainder).

**BONUS TIP: Do you want extra Bonus Cash but you’re not yet ready to deposit? Click here or scroll up and click on the ‘Games List’ tab to learn how to get even more Bonus Cash for free.

Bankroll Management

The key to bankroll management is to not get greedy. As soon as you get greedy, you put all of your previous hard work to waste.

Before doing an extended session of cash matches, it is important to have an initial balance of approximately 10 times the entry fee for the cash matches you intend on competing in.

This allows for adequate room in your balance should you lose a few more games than expected, so that you are able to continue playing and recover some of your losses without breaking your laser-focused concentration to go and deposit again (if you are on a bad losing streak, it helps to take a day or so off to clear your mind before playing again - forcing yourself to play and losing games will only result in you losing your entire balance).

Playing the same entry fee cash matches for hours on end will only increase your balance so much (assuming you win all your games).

Another strategy can be used to take calculated risks that while having a large potential upside, have a relatively small downside. The way to do this is by keeping track of your account balance, as it will tell you when to take these risks.

Before you start your session playing cash matches, make a mental note of your starting balance. Then, once you’ve won enough games that the difference between your starting balance and current balance is a little bit more than the entry fee of the next highest cash match option, enter that cash match.

If you lose, no big deal as you still have your original starting balance, but if you win then your balance will have increased by a significantly higher amount than the lower entry fee cash matches your were previously playing. From there, make a note of your current balance and go back to playing the lower entry fee cash matches, repeating the procedure all over again.

While these methods of bankroll management may serve as a good starting point for players, it is important to note that they are not fool-proof and it is a valid possibility that you end up losing your entire balance to much more skilled players.

I think this goes without saying, but I will say it anyways:

Never deposit money that you can’t afford to lose.

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