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Beginner's Guide To Skillz Games and The Skillz Platform

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In this guide: Intro | What is Skillz? | How does it work? | Skillz Loyalty Program | Weekly Tournaments | Leagues | Skillz Promo Code


Do you want to win real money online from your mobile phone?

Introducing Skillz, a company that has over 100 mobile eSports games available to download and play for real cash.

Users have won more than $600,000,000 in prizes since its inception in 2012, and the apps can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Players regularly win prizes like Apple AirPods, 60″ Smart TV’s, Gucci handbags and much more!

Looking for the ULTIMATE, ALL-INCLUSIVE GUIDE to Skillz games? The guide below covers the basics, but this guide covers EVERYTHING AND THEN SOME.

What is Skillz?

Founded in March of 2012, Skillz is the leading mobile eSports platform, boasting a whopping total of over 18 million mobile eSports players.

On average, over 2 million player tournaments are hosted on the platform every day, with a cumulative total of 800 million having been hosted on the platform already. Users have won over $600,000,000 on the platform to date.

Skillz has received more than $50 million in venture funding from sources such as the owners of the New England Patriots, Milwaukee Bucks, New York Mets and Sacramento Kings (Source: Skillz).

How does it work?

There are over a hundred different Skillz-enabled games available from a variety of game developers on both the Android and Apple App stores.

Each game is just a regular game, with the benefit of being eSports enabled through the implementation of the Skillz eSports SDK. This SDK connects the game to the Skillz eSports infrastructure, which allows users to play games for cash against each other. Games can range from a $0.60 entry fee, to a $175 entry fee.

For these games, Skillz uses an algorithm to put you in something called a “Skill Band”. Skill Bands ensure that players are playing against other players of a similar skill level so that they don’t get destroyed by longtime pros in their first couple of games.

When you start a game, Skillz will match you with another player in your Skill Band. If no one from your Skill Band is playing a head-to-head match with the same entry fee that you are playing, your match will become a host match and after you’ve submitted your score, Skillz will actively wait for another player in your Skill Band to enter into a head-to-head match with the same entry fee.

When that happens, Skillz will match that person with your game, and after they submit their score a winner will be determined based on whose score is better. The winner will take home both theirs and their opponent’s entry fees, minus the cut that Skillz takes (approx. 16.67%).

In order to ensure fairness, Skillz uses a Random Number Generator that is the same for both players. Combined with multiple deterrents against hacking or cheating the game, Skillz ensures both players have an equal chance to win.


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Skillz Loyalty Program

The Skillz platform also has many perks, one of which is the Skillz Loyalty Program. The Loyalty Program rewards users in the form of “Ticketz” for playing games on the Skillz platform.

Playing cash games yields significantly higher amounts of Ticketz than practice matches, and can be increased even more by advancing loyalty tiers.

There are six tiers, from 1x to 6x, and each is achieved by earning a certain amount of Ticketz in a month. When you achieve a tier, you are guaranteed that tier’s Ticketz multiplier for both the month you earned it in and the next month after. After that, you have to earn the required amount of Ticketz again in order to maintain your tier for the next month.

With these Ticketz, you can redeem for a vast range of prizes, from extra Bonus Cash and awesome Skillz merch to Espresso makers, 60″ Smart TVs and even all-expenses-paid trips for 2 to Las Vegas!


Weekly Tournaments

Another perk of the Skillz platform is the weekly tournaments that they run.

Tournaments on weekdays are all cash prizes. Some have entry fees, some are free entry and some allow you to watch an ad to enter.

In contrast, the tournaments on the weekends are usually a lot bigger, with entry fees ranging between $1 and $9, and prizes ranging from Nintendo Switches to Gucci handbags.

The entry fees and prizes change from week to week, so if you don’t see any prizes worth playing for one week, you are bound to find something you like the next week.

Not all Skillz games run tournaments, but Skillz does send out an email for weekend tournaments that details which games have tournaments and what prizes the tournaments have, so be sure to check that for more information.



Another perk in addition to the two mentioned above would be the Leagues on the Skillz platform. Leagues allow users to win even more money by ranking at the top of leaderboards.

Leagues have prizes that are proportionate to the number of total cash games that are played on a game (more cash games played = bigger prize pool). First place takes home the most (usually about 1/10th of the total pot) and prizes decrease as you go further down the rankings.

Leagues prize pots can be as low as $7 and as high as $250,000 (Solitaire Cube had a $250,000 10-day prize pool), it all depends on how popular the game is.

Leagues run for 3 days and reset at the end of the 3 days, increasing or decreasing the prize pool based on the total number of cash games played in the 3 days previous.


Depositing With The Skillz Promo Code

If you are not familiar with the Skillz platform, check out this list of recommended games to download first. Play a couple of practice matches, and when you are ready to play for real money (cash matches) come back to this page to learn how to get up to an additional $40 bonus on your first deposit using the Skillz Promo Code.

If you have played a few practice matches already and are ready to start playing cash matches and winning big, follow the guide below to get an additional $40 bonus on your first deposit to the Skillz platform using the Skillz Promo Code:



Go to the store tab in your favourite Skillz game.



Click ‘Enter Promo Code’ and enter code ‘82T6R’, then click Done.



Click the green button labelled ‘$30 + $30 Bonus’.



Choose either ‘Credit Card’ or ‘PayPal’ and enter in your payment details, then click Submit.



As soon as your payment goes through, your account balance will be updated immediately.



That’s it! Go ahead and enter cash games to climb the leaderboard. Good luck!

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