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Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi there, welcome to the site!

As you may or may not have noticed, my site contains affiliate links to the apps listed on this page. I have done this for two reasons, and I will outline them below.

The first reason is to help cover the costs of running the website. As with any website, I have expenses for things like domains, hosting, SSL certificates and more. This site is not owned by Skillz and is run independently by an avid Skillz user, therefore by using affiliate links on my website, I am able to offset the costs associated with running my site.

The second reason I include affiliate links is as encouragement to create more content. In theory, the better and more useful my content is, the more users that will visit my site and use my affiliate links. The more people that use my affiliate links, the more I will get paid, further motivating me to create more content. The cycle repeats itself, with the end result being quality content for new and existing Skillz users, at no extra cost to them through the use of affiliate links.

These are the reasons I have added affiliate links to my website. If you find my content useful or informative, let me know by using my affiliate links throughout the website.




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